Individuals First Round Draw – 29th Nov/6th Dec/13th Dec

Individuals First Round Draw – All games are best of 7, winner to send result to Lee Briscoe Weds 29th November 2017 I Davenport (Q8 Sports Bar ‘A’) v P Jennion (Black Bull Standish) @ Q8 Sports Bar ‘A’ P Clinton (St Judes SC) v D Burnside (Douglas Bank ‘B’) @ St Judes SC S […]

Pairs Prelim Draw – Weds 22nd Nov

Pairs Prelim Draw 2017/18 Wednesday 22nd November D Kinsley & C Lee (Railway) v K Petford & D Roblin (Golborne Catholic) @ Railway All matches are best of 7, winner to send result in to Lee Briscoe

3 Man Team Prelim Draw – Weds 15th Nov

3 Man Team Prelim Draw 2017/18 Wednesday 15th November Crispin A (C Demings, J Brookes, J Demings & L Baldwin) v Bryn Hall A (S Leyland, C Tither, M Cook & J Lea) @ Crispin Caledonian (D D’Souza, S Prescott, M Bibby & A Bond) v Brickmakers AA (H Harrison, J Greenall, I Belshaw & […]

Team Knockout First Round Draw – Thurs 16th Nov

Team Knockout First Round Draw 2017/18 Thursday 16th November Black Bull Standish v Brickmakers ‘A’ Springfield ‘A’ v St Thomas’s Tippings v Fox & Goose Brickmakers ‘B’ v Railway Golborne Catholic v Poacher Q8 Sports Bar ‘A’ v Queens Arms Dog & Partridge v Caledonian Newtown WMC v Q8 Sports Bar ‘D’ Whelley LC v […]

AGM and Reformation Meeting

The AGM and Reformation Meeting will be on Monday 10th July at The Springfield, 8pm. Any teams wishing to enter for next season need to attend this meeting, new teams are welcome. Please contact Lee Briscoe on 07866 555162 for further details.