Diamond Promotions Team Knockout – entry now open



  • An optional team knockout in a slightly different format. Entries are currently being taken from all Wigan Pool League teams, last entries to be in at the meeting on Monday 6th February.


  • Instead of the usual 7 frames this one will be played over 12 frames, which will consist of two legs of 6. This means that you could play the same 6 players twice or replace one or more of them for the second leg, even playing up to 12 different players if you choose to.


  • This will give the bigger squads chance to give everybody a game if they choose to, or for people to play more than once in a night for a bit of a change.


  • The second leg will be structured, in the same way as the 3 man team, so that each player plays in a set position meaning that any player playing in both legs will break in one of the two games. Breaks will be determined by tossing for the first game then alternate after that.


  • The format will be: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 and 6v6. Then for the second leg: 2v4, 1v3, 6v2, 5v1, 4v6 and 3v5


  • If the match finishes 6-6, there will be a ‘penalty shootout’ where each player has the black on the spot and the white in hand (anywhere behind the line) and has to pot the black. 5 per team, then sudden death if it’s still level.


  • Where free weeks allow, these matches will be played on Thursday nights.       Where this is not possible, depending on the number of teams entering, they will be on Wednesday nights.


  • Entry fee is £20 per team which will all be paid back out in prize money and trophies.


  • There is also added prize money for this competition from our sponsors Diamond Promotions, with prizes for the semi-finalists, runners up and winners.
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