2018/19 season

Fixtures for the 2018/19 season are now available on the Premier League and League One sections of the website.

The format in the Bluestar Premier League is 12 frames with each player eligible to play once in the first 6 games and once in the second 6. At the start of the match, both captains should pick their first 6 players, in order, without seeing the other teams picks. From the 7th game onwards the captains will name each player one at a time at the start of each frame, again with neither captain having prior knowledge of which player the other team is putting on. All frames will be lag for the break. A team win will be worth 3 points with a draw being 1 point each. For the purposes of the merits both frames will count.

In A’ODonnell Roofing League One the format is still 7 frames, 2 points for a win. In the Team Knockout the format will remain at 7 frames, first to 4 wins.

The winning team still need to send a picture of the scorecard in after the match, this applies to both divisions.

The next meeting is on Monday 1st October at The Springfield, 8pm start. At this meeting team registration sheets and all entries for individuals, pairs and 3 man team competitions are due in.

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