Wigan Pool League

Written by Pedro | 08 April 2014

Screen2Print KO Semi Finals Draw (Weds 14th May):

Garswood Hall v Rileys 'A' @ Garswood Hall

Potters Bar v Rileys 'B' @ Potters Bar

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Written by Pedro | 08 April 2014

3 Man Team Quarter Final Results:

Caledonian A (P Prescott, S Prescott, D D'Souza & D Flaherty) beat Rileys CB (R Canning, A Higham, J Thorn & D Watson)
Garswood Hall B (R Harwood, C Roughley, P Hunt & T Flemming) beat Potters Bar (J Prescott, M Cropper, J Taylor & N Thomas)
Black Bull B
(R McDermott, A Astley, K Snape & D Kenyon) beat Railway C (S Barlow, Dan Parkinson, A Parkinson & G Charlton)

3 Man Team Quarter Final Draw (Weds 23rd April):

Rileys AC (G Cahir, S Dawber, G Harrison & G Royds) v Triangle SC BA (M Pennington, P Kinsley & A Wood) @ Rileys A

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Written by Pedro | 04 April 2014

Individuals Fourth Round Draw (Weds 16th April):

I Davenport (Rileys 'A') v P Leonard (Railway) @ Rileys A
M Bullock (Black Bull) v D Melling (Black Bull) @ Rileys
G Cahir (Rileys 'A') v T Flemming (Garswood Hall) @ Garswood Hall
D Bellas (Triangle SC 'A') v D Stock (Rileys 'A') @ Triangle A
C Bishop (Walmsleys) v S Else (Walmsleys) @ Walmsleys

Individuals Fourth Round Results:

W Dutton (Rileys 'A') beat L Bridge (Black Bull)
C Hatton (Newtown Cons) beat S Prescott (Caledonian)
L Gollop (Rileys 'A') beat P Smith (Triangle SC 'B')

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Written by Pedro | 21 March 2014

Pairs Third Round Draw (Date/Result TBC):

R Marshall & D Watson (Rileys 'C') v D Winstanley & I Elsden (Whelley LC) @ Rileys
A Bibby & C Ronan (Kirkless Hall) v L Gollop & G Royds (Rileys 'A') @ Kirkless Hall
S Witkiewicz & R Harwood (Garswood Hall) v G Harrison & D Stock (Rileys 'A') @ Garswood Hall

Pairs Third Round Results:

A Wood & P Kinsley (Triangle SC 'B') beat J Dainty & D Mahoney (St Thomas's)
C Charnley & D Melling (Black Bull) beat R McDermott & B Cooke (Black Bull)
S Connolly & D Parkinson (Railway) beat A Richardson & G Hill (Triangle SC 'A')
R Canning & J Thorn (Rileys 'C') beat L Briscoe & W Dutton (Rileys 'A')
D Dooley & D Kinsley (Triangle SC 'B') beat S Groves & M Hodgkinson (Kirkless Hall)

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Written by Pedro | 21 March 2014

All matches are best of 5 frames, 8.30pm start unless otherwise stated. Please text all results to 07974 224616 as soon as the match has finished.

Brent Hindley Individuals Second Round Draw (Wed 7th May):

L Briscoe (Rileys 'A') v C Lee (Newtown Cons) @ Rileys A
H Harrison (Brickmakers 'A') v A Higham (Rileys 'C') @ Brickmakers
B Knowles (Brickmakers 'A') v J Ysart (Rileys 'C') @ Rileys C
C Bromley (Rileys 'A') v R Canning (Rileys 'C') @ Rileys B
J Dawber (Railway) v K Clarke (Garswood Hall) @ Railway
G Hulse (Triangle SC 'A') v M Goodwin (Rileys 'B') @ Triangle
I Sinclair (Fox & Goose) v S Barlow (Railway) @ Fox & Goose
S Connolly (Railway) v D D'Souza (Caledonian) @ Caledonian

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