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Written by Pedro | 01 September 2015

The fixtures for the upcoming season are now available to view on the website in the usual place

Just click on 'Leagues' in the menu above and select the division you want, then follow the links from there

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Written by Pedro | 30 June 2015

AGM Proposals

Move meeting days from Mondays to Tuesdays - Not Passed

Change meeting time from 8.30pm to 7.30pm - Not Passed

Change meeting time from 8.30pm to 8pm - Passed - All future league meetings will now start at 8pm

Change existing pairs competition to Scotch pairs - Not Passed

Players 8 balled in the league get a chance to 8 ball back - Not Passed

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Written by Pedro | 09 June 2015

The 2015 Individuals Money League has now finished, full results, league tables and knockout results can be found here:

Individuals Money League 2015

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Written by Pedro | 08 June 2015

Finals Day Results 2015

3 Man team semi finals:
Triangle BC (N Shaw, C Roughley, P Hunt & T Wood) 5-3 Triangle AB (S Witkiewicz, R Harwood, G Hill & M Singleton)
Triangle ZA (C Bromley, W Dutton & G Royds) 5-1 Hingemakers A (C Lee, S O'Neill, K Baron & C Ensor)

Triangle ZA 5-4 Triangle BC

Delegates cup final:
L Briscoe 3-2 D Dooley

Screen2Print KO Cup final:
Triangle C 7-4 Triangle B

Pairs semi finals:
G Cahir & C Bromley 4-0 L Briscoe & I Davenport
M Bullock & L Bridge 4-1 C Charnley & D Melling

G Cahir & C Bromley 5-1 M Bullock & L Bridge

Brent Hindley Individuals Plate semi finals:
R Harwood 3-1 S Connolly
R Canning 3-1 R Knight

R Canning 4-2 R Harwood

Individuals semi finals:
C Moody 4-1 H Harrison
N Shaw 4-1 C Bromley

N Shaw 5-1 C Moody

Team Plate semi finals:
Silverwell 4-1 Crispin
Ben Johnson w/o Douglas Bank B

Ben Johnson 4-1 Silverwell

Team KO semi finals:
Triangle Z 4-2 Triangle A
Black Bull 4-3 Triangle B

Black Bull 4-3 Triangle Z

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Written by Pedro | 08 August 2012

This season the Wigan Pool League will have its very own results number. You should contact 07974 224 616 via text message to let us know the results of all league matches and competitions.

As per last season, it is the responsibility of the winning team or player(s) to send the result through. Failure to do this will result in fines and expulsion from competitions.

It is also compulsory for Bluestar Premier League teams to send through a picture of the match scorecard. This is a requirement of the Lancashire County Pool Association so cards must be provided for every match. The deadline for sending these is the same as for texting results in, 10pm on the Friday after the match, not doing so will result in a fine

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