Wigan Pool League

Written by Pedro | 26 January 2015

Team KO Second Round Draw (Thurs 26th Feb):

Triangle SC 'A' v Newtown WMC
Hare & Hounds v Triangle SC 'B'
Hingemakers Arms v Triangle SC 'Z'
Kirkless Hall v Triangle SC 'C'
Brickmakers 'A' v Goose Green
Fox & Goose v Black Bull
Walmsleys v Earl of Balcarres
Whelley LC v St Thomas's

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Written by Pedro | 26 January 2015

Team Plate First Round Draw (Thurs 26th Feb):

Douglas Bank 'B' v Douglas Bank 'A'
Springfield 'B' v Belle Vue
Ben Johnson v Tippings
St Judes SC v Bird Ith Hand

Silverwell v BYE
Crispin 'A' v BYE
Prince of Wales v BYE
Brickmakers 'B' v BYE

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Written by Pedro | 19 December 2014

Individuals Second Round Draw (Wed 4th Feb):

I Davenport (Triangle SC 'Z') v S Prescott (Caledonian) @ Silverwell
T Owens (Douglas Bank 'A') v Z Harvey (Triangle SC 'A') @ Douglas Bank
A Smitham (Kirkless Hall) v D Binder (St Judes SC) @ Kirkless Hall
W Dutton (Triangle SC 'Z') v S Williams (Goose Green) @ Triangle Z
C Roughley (Triangle SC 'B') v I Parkes (Fox & Goose) @ Triangle B
J Ysart (Goose Green) v D Stock (Triangle SC 'Z') @ Goose Green
T Wood (Triangle SC 'B') v L Bridge (Black Bull) @ Black Bull
M Pennington (Triangle SC 'A') v T Flemming (Triangle SC 'A') @ Triangle A
G Moreton (Caledonian) v S Groves (Kirkless Hall) @ Caledonian
Dan Parkinson (Railway) v L Sullivan (Goose Green) @ Railway
C Ryan (Triangle SC 'C') v N Shaw (Triangle SC 'B') @ Triangle C
D Dooley (Triangle SC 'B') v A Flemming (Fox & Goose) @ Fox & Goose
C Bromley (Triangle SC 'Z') v G Harrison (Triangle SC 'Z') @ Triangle
C Goodwin (Triangle SC 'C') v P Hunt (Triangle SC 'B') @ Triangle

Individuals Second Round Draw (Date/Result TBC):

M Halliwell (Triangle SC 'B') v P Leonard (Hingemakers Arms) @ Triangle B
G Royds (Triangle SC 'Z') v I Crabb (Railway) @ Triangle Z
M Hodgkinson (Kirkless Hall) v L Jones (Triangle SC 'A') @ Kirkless Hall
P Prescott (Caledonian) v S Parry (Caledonian) @ Caledonian
R Canning (Goose Green) v S Bennett (Silverwell) @ Goose Green
J Thorn (Goose Green) v S Else (Triangle SC 'B') @ St Judes
P Kinsley (Triangle SC 'B') v J Dawber (Railway) @ Railway

Individuals Second Round Results:

D Moreton (Crispin 'A') w/o M Lawrenson (Triangle SC 'C')
C Moody (Triangle SC 'B') beat S Witkiewicz (Triangle SC 'A')
C Fairhurst (Crispin 'A') beat M Bullock (Black Bull)
H Harrison (Brickmakers 'A') beat S O'Neill (Hingemakers Arms)
C Charnley (Black Bull) beat R Wells (Royal Oak)
S Dawber (Triangle SC 'Z') beat D Bellas (Triangle SC 'A')
L Briscoe (Triangle SC 'Z') beat P Monks (Goose Green)
N Bithell (Fox & Goose) w/o G Hill (Triangle SC 'A')
C Hatton (Hingemakers Arms) beat T Higham (Goose Green)
M Heap (Walmsleys) beat M Brockley (Kirkless Hall)
G Hulse (Triangle SC 'B') beat G Robinson (Caledonian)

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Written by Pedro | 19 December 2014

Pairs First Round Draw (Date/Result TBC):

D Phillips & C Coleman (Hare & Hounds) v M Lawrenson & G Gaskell (Triangle SC 'C') @ Hare & Hounds
A Smitham & M Brockley (Kirkless Hall) v A McCreery & K Gore (Hare & Hounds) @ Kirkless Hall
D Flaherty & G Moreton (Caledonian) v M Goodwin & I Gordon (Triangle SC 'C') @ Caledonian

Pairs First Round Results:

C Ryan & T Burke (Triangle SC 'C') beat C McDoughner & N Kelly (Springfield 'A')
D Dooley & G Hulse (Triangle SC 'B') beat L Roberts & G Robinson (Caledonian)
S Dean & A Flemming (Fox & Goose) beat D Belshaw & G Seal (Brickmakers 'A')
G Harrison & D Stock (Triangle SC 'Z') beat B Melling & S Kelly (Springfield 'A')
J Dainty & D Mahoney (St Thomas's) beat S Barlow & I Blair (Railway)
P Kinsley & T Wood (Triangle SC 'B') beat B Walsh & I Parkes (Fox & Goose)
P Leonard & C Hatton (Hingemakers Arms) beat M Brown & A Sharrett (St Thomas's)
 v S Millea & S Bennett (Silverwell) (Dutton & Gollop scratched)
A Bibby & C Ronan (Kirkless Hall) beat P Prescott & S Parry (Caledonian)
J Atherton & D Bellas (Triangle SC 'A') w/o C Fairhurst & J Clossick (Crispin 'A')
G Royds & S Dawber (Triangle SC 'Z') beat C Isaacs & A Daly (Honeysuckle)
C Charnley & D Melling (Black Bull) beat C Lee & S O'Neill (Hingemakers Arms)
L Briscoe & I Davenport (Triangle SC 'Z') beat M Braddock & B Braddock (Walmsleys)
C Goodwin & D Winnard (Triangle SC 'C') beat D Watson & L Sullivan (Goose Green)
S Prescott & D D'Souza (Caledonian) beat G Hill & A Richardson (Triangle SC 'A')
I Sinclair & N Bithell (Fox & Goose) w/o M Heap & N Topping (Walmsleys)
Dan Parkinson & S Connolly (Railway) beat T Higham & R Marshall (Goose Green)
M Case & D Brown (Springfield 'A') beat N Shaw & C Roughley (Triangle SC 'B')
H Harrison & J Greenall (Brickmakers 'A') w/o C Moody & S Else (Triangle SC 'B')
B Hunter & B Howarth (Silverwell) beat D Binder & A Hewitt (St Judes SC)
D Gauchwin & A Chorley (Triangle SC 'C') beat R Canning & J Thorn (Goose Green)
A Cooper & B Cooper (Springfield 'A') beat I Belshaw & A Rutter (Brickmakers 'A')
D Finch & D Kuzio (St Judes SC) beat P Clinton & A Clinton (St Judes SC)
T Caddick & D Moreton (Crispin 'A') beat I Waite & M Cowley (Honeysuckle)
D Burnside & C Hurley (Douglas Bank 'B') w/o W Dutson & A Mahoney (St Thomas's)
M Bullock & L Bridge (Black Bull) beat R Wells & J Pollitt (Honeysuckle)
A Shallicker & R Knight (Fox & Goose) beat D Brogan & C Fryer (Douglas Bank 'A')
S Witkiewicz & R Harwood (Triangle SC 'A') w/o B Halford & P Lucas (Honeysuckle)
G Cahir & C Bromley (Triangle SC 'Z') beat L Jones & M Singleton (Triangle SC 'A')

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Written by Pedro | 06 December 2014

3 Man Team First Round Results:

Fox & Goose A (A Flemming, I Parkes, B Walsh & S Dean) w/o Springfield AA (B Melling, S Kelly, L Sollers & B Cooper)
Brickmakers AB (I Belshaw, J Greenall, H Harrison & A Rutter) beat Triangle AA (L Jones, A Richardson, D Bellas & P Smith)
Triangle AB (S Witkiewicz, R Harwood, G Hill & M Singleton) beat St Judes B (J Cross, M Binder, D Finch & B Taylor)
Caledonian A (D D'Souza, S Prescott, P Prescott & D Flaherty) beat Triangle BB (D Dooley, G Hulse, S Hemsley & P Kinsley)
Honeysuckle B (C Isaacs, M Cowley, A Daly & I Waite) beat Goose Green B (S Williams, J Ysart & R Marshall)
Goose Green A (R Canning, J Thorn, D Watson & L Sullivan) beat St Thomas's A (M Brown, J Demings, D Kearns & A Sharrett)
Caledonian B (G Moreton, L Roberts, G Robinson & S Parry) beat Railway B (S Barlow, I Blair, J Dawber & R Jones)
Hingemakers A (C Lee, S O'Neill, K Baron & C Ensor) beat Crispin B (T Caddick, D Moreton & C Fairhurst)
Triangle ZC
(L Briscoe, I Davenport, S Dawber & G Cahir) beat Triangle BA (C Moody, S Else & M Halliwell)
Kirkless Hall B (A Smitham, M Brockley, S Groves & R Tabern) beat Crispin A (J Clossick, I Elsden & A Jones)
Springfield AB (M Case, D Brown, N Kelly & S Abbott) beat Goose Green C (T Higham, C Gregson, B Quinton & P Monks)
Hingemakers B (I Cross, C Hatton & P Leonard) w/o Triangle CB (M Lawrenson, I Gordon, T Burke & D Winnard)
Triangle ZA (C Bromley, W Dutton & G Royds) beat Black Bull B (C Charnley, D Melling, L Bridge & B Cooke)
Triangle BC (N Shaw, C Roughley, P Hunt & T Wood) beat Black Bull A (A Astley, K Snape, R McDermott & D Kenyon)
Kirkless Hall A (A Bibby, C Ronan, M Hodgkinson & N Greenhalgh) beat St Judes A (D Binder, A Hewitt, P Clinton & D Kuzio)
Railway A (D Parkinson, A Parkinson, S Connolly & Dan Parkinson) beat Hare & Hounds (C Coleman, D Phillips & A McCreery)

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