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Written by Pedro | 31 October 2014

November Meeting

The November meeting will be on Monday 3rd November at Springfield, 8.30 start. Any outstanding team registration sheets and payments must be brought to this meeting along with entries and payment for the pairs and 3 man team competitions.

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Written by Pedro | 31 October 2014

League One

Unfortunately Oak Tree have dropped out of League One. All results against them have now been removed from the league table.

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Written by Pedro | 13 October 2014

Individuals First Round Draw & Results:

All matches will be best of 7, 8.30pm start. Any player cancelling for the date given will concede home advantage to their opponent if they wish to take it for the rearranged match.

It is the responsibility of the winning player to text the result of the match to 07974 224616.

Date/Result TBC:

W Dutton (Triangle SC 'Z') v A Robinson (Walmsleys) @ Triangle SC 'Z'
S Connolly (Railway) v M Lawrenson (Triangle SC 'C') @ Railway
D Moreton (Crispin 'A') v R Tabern (Kirkless Hall) @ Crispin 'A'
S Bennett (Silverwell) v I Waite (Honeysuckle) @ Silverwell
L Roberts (Caledonian) v M Heap (Walmsleys) @ Caledonian
P Smith (Triangle SC 'B') v P Hunt (Triangle SC 'B') @ Triangle SC 'B'
A Rutter (Brickmakers 'A') v L Jones (Triangle SC 'A') @ Brickmakers 'A'
G Hulse (Triangle SC 'B') v N Kennaugh (Caledonian) @ Royal Oak
B Walsh (Fox & Goose) v C Fairhurst (Crispin 'A') @ Crispin 'A'
D Stock (Triangle SC 'Z') v B Quinton (Goose Green) @ St Judes SC

Wednesday 5th November:

T Wood (Triangle SC 'B') v M Braddock (Walmsleys) @ Triangle SC 'B'
T Flemming (Triangle SC 'A') v B Braddock (Walmsleys) @ Triangle SC 'A'
A Richardson (Triangle SC 'A') v T Higham (Goose Green) @ Goose Green
I Crabb (Railway) v D Finch (St Judes SC) @ Railway
S O'Neill (Hingemakers Arms) v D Jones (Brickmakers 'A') @ Hingemakers Arms
L Briscoe (Triangle SC 'Z') v J Atherton (Triangle SC 'A') @ Triangle SC 'Z'
G Moreton (Caledonian) v A Hewitt (St Judes SC) @ Caledonian
M Singleton (Triangle SC 'A') v P Prescott (Caledonian) @ Douglas Bank 'A'
J Cross (St Judes SC) v D Binder (St Judes SC) @ St Judes SC
L Sullivan (Goose Green) v C Gregson (Goose Green) @ Honeysuckle
A Smitham (Kirkless Hall) v L Gollop (Triangle SC 'Z') @ Kirkless Hall
A Flemming (Fox & Goose) v M Goodwin (Triangle SC 'C') @ Hare & Hounds
A Bibby (Kirkless Hall) v D Dooley (Triangle SC 'B') @ Black Bull

The following players have byes to the second round:
J Thorn (Goose Green)
S Dawber (Triangle SC 'Z')
P Leonard (Hingemakers Arms)
I Parkes (Fox & Goose)
C Ryan (Triangle SC 'C')
S Else (Triangle SC 'B')
S Williams (Goose Green)
C Charnley (Black Bull)
P Kinsley (Triangle SC 'B')
S Groves (Kirkless Hall)

Individuals First Round Results:

S Witkiewicz (Triangle SC 'A') beat C Lee (Hingemakers Arms)
N Bithell (Fox & Goose) beat T Adamson (Silverwell)
C Roughley (Triangle SC 'B') beat C Bishop (Walmsleys)
R Canning (Goose Green) beat M Cowley (Honeysuckle)
C Goodwin (Triangle SC 'C') beat S Miller (Silverwell)
L Bridge (Black Bull) beat D Watson (Goose Green)
N Shaw (Triangle SC 'B') beat S Hemsley (Triangle SC 'B')
M Halliwell (Triangle SC 'B') beat S Long (Royal Oak)
M Brockley (Kirkless Hall) beat B Hunter (Silverwell)
I Davenport (Triangle SC 'Z') beat D Brogan (Douglas Bank 'A')
M Hodgkinson (Kirkless Hall) beat A McCreery (Hare & Hounds)
C Hatton (Hingemakers Arms) beat M Binder (St Judes SC)
G Royds (Triangle SC 'Z') beat B Halford (Honeysuckle)
M Pennington (Triangle SC 'A') beat D Flaherty (Caledonian)
Z Harvey (Triangle SC 'C') beat D Melling (Black Bull)
C Bromley (Triangle SC 'Z') beat I Sinclair (Fox & Goose)
G Harrison (Triangle SC 'Z') beat D Kenyon (Black Bull)
P Monks (Triangle SC 'C') beat R Harwood (Triangle SC 'A')
J Ysart (Goose Green) beat C Coleman (Hare & Hounds)
Dan Parkinson (Railway) beat S Barlow (Railway)
S Parry (Caledonian) w/o D Winnard (Triangle SC 'C')
J Dawber (Railway) beat D Phillips (Hare & Hounds)
G Robinson (Caledonian) beat N Topping (Walmsleys)
R Wells (Royal Oak) beat C Ronan (Kirkless Hall)
M Bullock (Black Bull) beat R Knight (Fox & Goose)
T Owens (Douglas Bank 'A') beat G Cahir (Triangle SC 'Z')
S Prescott (Caledonian) w/o I Gordon (Triangle SC 'C')
C Moody (Triangle SC 'B') beat S Dean (Fox & Goose)
H Harrison (Brickmakers 'A') beat A Hitchen (Caledonian)
D Bellas (Triangle SC 'A') beat A Shallicker (Fox & Goose)
G Hill (Triangle SC 'A') beat D D'Souza (Caledonian)

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Written by Pedro | 17 October 2014

Team KO Prelim Results:

Brickmakers 'A' beat Brickmakers 'B'
Douglas Bank 'A' beat Belle Vue

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Written by Pedro | 04 June 2014

Finals Day Results 2014

3 man team semi finals:
Riley's AC (Glenn Cahir, Shaune Dawber) 1-5 Garswood Hall B (R Harwood, P Hunt, C Roughley, T Flemming)
Caledonian A (Phil Prescott, Sye Prescott, Daniel Flaherty, D D'Souza) 1-5 Black Bull B (Aidy Astley, Kevin Snape, Ryan McDermott, D Kenyon)

Black Bull B 5-4 Garswood Hall B

Delegates Cup Final:
Lee Briscoe 3-1 T Flemming


Brent Hindley semi finals:
Karl Clarke 3-1 Chris Lee
Carl Bromley w/o G Hulse

Karl Clarke 4-1 Carl Bromley

Individuals semi finals:
I Davenport 4-0 W Dutton
Liam Gollop 4-1 Christopher Hatton

I Davenport 5-3 Liam Gollop

Pairs semi finals:
Anthony Wood & P Kinsley 4-0 Chris Charnley & D Melling
David Stock & Geoff Harrison 4-3 Rob Canning & Joe Thorn

Harrison & Stock 5-3 Wood & Kinsley

Team KO semi finals:
Potters Bar 0-4 Riley's A
Garswood Hall 4-3 Newtown Cons

Garswood Hall 2-4 Riley's A

Team Plate semi finals:
St Jude's 1-4 St Thomas's
Springfield A w/o Earl of Balcarres

St Thomas's 4-2 Springfield A

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