Wigan Pool League

Written by Pedro | 06 November 2015

Pairs Prelim Results:

M Brown & A Sharrett (St Thomas's) w/o R Harwood & M Singleton (Triangle SC 'A')
I Sinclair & N Bithell (Fox & Goose) w/o N McGroarty & M Hough (Kirkless Hall)
W Dutton & G Harrison (Q8 Sports Bar 'A') beat C Roby & A Rees Wood (Worsley Mesnes Club)
S Connolly & Dan Parkinson (Railway) beat S Abbott & D Brown (Springfield 'A')
M Goodwin & C Ryan (Q8 Sports Bar 'B') beat G Cooper & S Charnock (Springfield 'B')
S Barlow & D Kinsley (Railway) beat H Spencer & D Hall (Douglas Bank 'B')
G Robinson & S Prescott (Caledonian) beat A Hewitt & P Clinton (St Judes SC)
D Dooley & P Hunt (Triangle SC 'B') beat I Elsden & J Hall (Whelley LC)

Pairs Prelim Draw (Date/Result TBC):

B Cooper & A Johnson (Springfield 'A') v C Coleman & A McCreery (Hare & Hounds) @ Springfield A
R Jones & J Dawber (Railway) v D Winnard & C Lawrenson (Q8 Sports Bar 'B') @ Railway
J Dainty & D Mahoney (St Thomas's) v A Bibby & C Ronan (Kirkless Hall) @ Kirkless Hall
T Demings & A Mahoney (St Thomas's) v B Quinton & J Ysart (Q8 Sports Bar 'B') @ St Judes SC
M Braddock & M Heap (Walmsleys) v A Broadbelt & J Ysart (Railway) @ Walmsleys

The following teams have a bye to the first round:

C Charnley & D Melling (Black Bull Standish)
L Bridge & M Bullock (Black Bull Standish)
A Rutter & I Belshaw (Brickmakers 'A')
D Belshaw & A O'Donnell (Brickmakers 'A')
H Harrison & J Greenall (Brickmakers 'A')
D D'Souza & L Roberts (Caledonian)
M Bullen & D Else (Cherry Gardens)
M Thomas & P Jennion (Cherry Gardens)
T Simm & D Simm (Cherry Gardens)
D Brogan & R Evans (Douglas Bank 'B')
B Walsh & I Parkes (Fox & Goose)
R Knight & A Shallicker (Fox & Goose)
C Lee & S O'Neill (Goose Green)
R Canning & J Thorn (Goose Green)
S Williams & I Cross (Goose Green)
B Halford & P Lucas (Honeysuckle)
G Currie & C Isaacs (Honeysuckle)
G Rawlings & R Steele (Honeysuckle)
I Waite & A Daly (Honeysuckle)
A Smitham & M Brockley (Kirkless Hall)
C Bromley & G Cahir (Q8 Sports Bar 'A')
D Stock & S Dawber (Q8 Sports Bar 'A')
L Briscoe & G Royds (Q8 Sports Bar 'A')
C Goodwin & P Monks (Q8 Sports Bar 'B')
I Gordon & L Jones (Q8 Sports Bar 'B')
M Lawrenson & L Gollop (Q8 Sports Bar 'B')
A Cooper & B Melling (Springfield 'A')
N Kelly & C McDoughner (Springfield 'A')
R Gorton & J Hall (Springfield 'B')
S Hart & G Hart (Springfield 'B')
D Binder & D Kuzio (St Judes SC)
J Cross & D Picton (St Judes SC)
M Binder & L Sullivan (St Judes SC)
D Glynn & N Cahir (St Thomas's)
J Demings & D Kearns (St Thomas's)
J Unsworth & D Coleman (St Thomas's)
A Richardson & G Hill (Triangle SC 'A')
D Doolan & S Wilkinson (Triangle SC 'A')
J Atherton & P Smith (Triangle SC 'A')
S Witkiewicz & K Clarke (Triangle SC 'A')
C Moody & G Hulse (Triangle SC 'B')
C Roughley & N Shaw (Triangle SC 'B')
P Kinsley & T Wood (Triangle SC 'B')
M Cropper & W Broxson (Unity Club)
B Wright & R Tabern (Walmsleys)
C Bishop & M Pennington (Walmsleys)
J Woodcock & W Roberts (Whelley LC)
L Guilford & S Groves (Whelley LC)
M Seddon & M Demmings (Whelley LC)
P Burke & A Ratchford (Whelley LC)
M Roby & M James (Worsley Mesnes Club)

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Written by Pedro | 03 November 2015

Team KO First Round Results:

Brickmakers 'A' beat Freemasons
Walmsleys beat Triangle SC 'B'
Worsley Mesnes Club - BYE
Railway beat Caledonian
Unity Club w/o Silverwell
Q8 Sports Bar 'B' beat Black Bull Scholes
Black Bull Standish beat Kirkless Hall
Whelley LC beat Earl of Balcarres
Q8 Sports Bar 'A' - BYE
St Thomas's beat Springfield 'C'
St Judes SC beat Ben Johnson
Goose Green beat Belle Vue
Douglas Bank 'B' beat Springfield 'A'
Fox & Goose beat Newtown WMC
Triangle SC 'A' beat Cherry Gardens
Hare & Hounds beat Springfield 'B'

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Written by Pedro | 06 November 2015

3 Man Team Prelim Results:

Cherry Gardens A (P Jennion, T Simm, D Simm & M Thomas) beat Springfield 'A' A (B Melling, A Cooper, B Cooper & N Kelly)
Triangle SC 'B' A (P Kinsley, T Wood & D Dooley) beat Q8 Sports Bar 'B' B (C Goodwin, M Goodwin, D Winnard & C Ryan)
Railway A (S Connolly, Dan Parkinson, D Parkinson & S Barlow) beat Honeysuckle (C Isaacs, I Waite & A Daly)
Q8 Sports Bar 'A' A (G Royds, C Bromley & W Dutton) beat Fox & Goose A (I Sinclair, N Bithell, R Knight & A Shallicker)

3 Man Team Prelim Draw (Date/Result TBC):

Q8 Sports Bar 'B' A (M Lawrenson, L Gollop & L Jones) v Railway B (R Jones, J Dawber, I Blair & D Kinsley) @ Q8 Sports Bar B

The following teams have a bye to the first round:

Black Bull Standish (B Cooke, D Melling, L Bridge & C Charnley)
Brickmakers 'A' (I Belshaw, J Greenall, A Rutter & H Harrison)
Caledonian A (D D'Souza, S Prescott, D Flaherty & P Prescott)
Caledonian B (L Roberts, M Cowley, G Robinson & G Moreton)
Cherry Gardens B (M Bullen, D Else, M Horton & C Myler)
Douglas Bank 'B' (D Brogan, D Hall, R Evans & H Spencer)
Fox & Goose B (B Walsh, I Parkes, A Flemming & S Dean)
Goose Green A (S Williams, R Canning, J Thorn & C Hatton)
Goose Green B (C Lee, S O'Neill, K Baron & I Cross)
Hare & Hounds (C Coleman, A McCreery, C Holden & D Phillips)
Kirkless Hall (A Bibby, C Ronan, M Hodgkinson & A Smitham)
Q8 Sports Bar 'A' B (L Briscoe, I Davenport & G Harrison)
Q8 Sports Bar 'A' C (D Stock, G Cahir & S Dawber)
Q8 Sports Bar 'B' C (P Monks, J Ysart & B Quinton)
Springfield 'A' B (A Johnson, D Brown, S Abbott & C McDoughner)
St Judes SC A (D Binder, D Kuzio, A Hewitt & P Clinton)
St Judes SC B (J Cross, D Picton, D Finch & M Binder)
St Thomas's A (D Mahoney, J Dainty, J Unsworth & D Coleman)
St Thomas's B (J Demings, D Kearns, M Brown & A Sharrett)
Triangle SC 'A' A (S Witkiewicz, K Clarke, R Harwood & M Singleton)
Triangle SC 'A' B (J Atherton, T Flemming, G Hill & A Richardson)
Triangle SC 'A' C (P Smith, S Wilkinson, D Doolan & J Lea)
Triangle SC 'B' B (C Moody, G Hulse & S Hemsley)
Triangle SC 'B' C (N Shaw, C Roughley & P Hunt)
Unity Club (M Cropper, N Thomas, D Roper & J Taylor)
Walmsleys (C Bishop, M Braddock, B Wright & R Tabern)
Worsley Mesnes Club (C Roby, M Roby, A Rees Wood & M James)

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Written by Pedro | 09 October 2015

Individuals First Round Draw:

All matches will be best of 7, 8.30pm start. Any player cancelling for the date given will concede home advantage to their opponent, if they wish to take it, for the rearranged match.

It is the responsibility of the winning player to text the result of the match to 07974 224616.

Individuals First Round Results:

R Knight (Fox & Goose) beat I Gordon (Q8 Sports Bar 'B')
G Harrison (Q8 Sports Bar 'A') beat I Blair (Railway)
W Dutton (Q8 Sports Bar 'A') beat J Cross (St Judes SC)
T Simm (Cherry Gardens) w/o D Doolan (Triangle SC 'A')
D Belshaw (Brickmakers 'A') beat M Goodwin (Q8 Sports Bar 'B')
D Brogan (Douglas Bank 'B') beat J Mantle (Walmsleys)
P Smith (Triangle SC 'A') beat G Robinson (Caledonian)
D Kenyon (Black Bull Standish) beat D Brown (Springfield 'A')
A Johnson (Springfield 'A') beat N Bithell (Fox & Goose)
G Royds (Q8 Sports Bar 'A') beat A McCreery (Hare & Hounds)
A Shallicker (Fox & Goose) w/o A Richardson (Triangle SC 'A')
P Kinsley (Triangle SC 'B') beat J Atherton (Triangle SC 'A')
T Wood (Triangle SC 'B') beat S Abbott (Springfield 'A')
G Cahir (Q8 Sports Bar 'A') beat C Coleman (Hare & Hounds)
P Monks (Q8 Sports Bar 'B') beat A Hewitt (St Judes SC)
S Connolly (Railway) beat R Harwood (Triangle SC 'A')
M Binder (St Judes SC) beat N Kelly (Springfield 'A')
C Bishop (Walmsleys) beat J Harrison (Q8 Sports Bar 'B')
I Parkes (Fox & Goose) beat Joanne Ysart (Railway)
D Winnard (Q8 Sports Bar 'B') beat A O'Donnell (Brickmakers 'A')
D Melling (Black Bull Standish) w/o A Bibby (Kirkless Hall)
M Bullock (Black Bull Standish) beat J Thorn (Goose Green)
C Goodwin (Q8 Sports Bar 'B') w/o R Pilkington (Goose Green)
R Canning (Goose Green) beat J Ysart (Q8 Sports Bar 'B')
S Barlow (Railway) beat P Jennion (Cherry Gardens)
S Wilkinson (Triangle SC 'A') beat D Picton (St Judes SC)
J Woodcock (Whelley LC) beat W Roberts (Whelley LC)
S Witkiewicz (Triangle SC 'A') beat S Else (Triangle SC 'B')
M Thomas (Cherry Gardens) beat B Walsh (Fox & Goose)
M Braddock (Walmsleys) beat C Isaacs (Honeysuckle)
Dan Parkinson (Railway) beat J Dawber (Railway)
D Stock (Q8 Sports Bar 'A') beat C Charnley (Black Bull Standish)
R Tabern (Walmsleys) beat C Moody (Triangle SC 'B')
S Williams (Goose Green) beat M Brockley (Kirkless Hall)
K Clarke (Triangle SC 'A') beat L Sullivan (St Judes SC)
T Flemming (Triangle SC 'A') beat M Heap (Walmsleys)
D D'Souza (Caledonian) beat L Jones (Q8 Sports Bar 'B')
I Davenport (Q8 Sports Bar 'A') beat G Hill (Triangle SC 'A')
D Kinsley (Railway) w/o B Halford (Honeysuckle)
D Burnside (Douglas Bank 'B') beat L Roberts (Caledonian)

Date/Result TBC:

A Flemming (Fox & Goose) v N Shaw (Triangle SC 'B') @ Fox & Goose
M Halliwell (Triangle SC 'B') v C Ronan (Kirkless Hall) @ Kirkless Hall
A Daly (Honeysuckle) v S Dawber (Q8 Sports Bar 'A') @ Honeysuckle
L Briscoe (Q8 Sports Bar 'A') v D Dooley (Triangle SC 'B') @ Q8 Sports Bar 'A'
C Bromley (Q8 Sports Bar 'A') v C Roughley (Triangle SC 'B') @ Kirkless Hall
M Cowley (Caledonian) v M Pennington (Walmsleys) @ Caledonian
M Singleton (Triangle SC 'A') v M Lawrenson (Q8 Sports Bar 'B') @ Springfield 'A'
D Kuzio (St Judes SC) v L Gollop (Q8 Sports Bar 'B') @ St Judes SC
G Hulse (Triangle SC 'B') v M Case (Springfield 'C') @ Triangle SC 'B'

The following players have byes to the second round:
A Rutter (Brickmakers 'A')
C Lee (Goose Green)
S O'Neill (Goose Green)
A Smitham (Kirkless Hall)
I Sinclair (Fox & Goose)
H Harrison (Brickmakers 'A')
D Binder (St Judes SC)
B Quinton (Q8 Sports Bar 'B')
P Leonard (Goose Green)
I Waite (Honeysuckle)
L Bridge (Black Bull Standish)
M Hodgkinson (Kirkless Hall)
P Hunt (Triangle SC 'B')
S Hemsley (Triangle SC 'B')
M Cropper (Unity Club)

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Written by Pedro | 30 October 2015

League One dropout - Tippings:

Tippings have dropped out of League One. All results against them have been removed and the league table has been updated accordingly. Any team due to play them will now have a bye on that week.

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