Wigan Pool League

Written by Pedro | 19 December 2014

Individuals Second Round Draw (Wed 28th Jan):

M Halliwell (Triangle SC 'B') v P Leonard (Hingemakers Arms) @ Triangle B
G Royds (Triangle SC 'Z') v I Crabb (Railway) @ Triangle Z
M Lawrenson (Triangle SC 'C') v D Moreton (Crispin 'A') @ Triangle C
S Witkiewicz (Triangle SC 'A') v C Moody (Triangle SC 'B') @ Triangle A
M Hodgkinson (Kirkless Hall) v L Jones (Triangle SC 'A') @ Kirkless Hall
P Prescott (Caledonian) v S Parry (Caledonian) @ Caledonian
M Brockley (Kirkless Hall) v M Heap (Walmsleys) @ Walmsleys
R Canning (Goose Green) v S Bennett (Silverwell) @ Goose Green
C Fairhurst (Crispin 'A') v M Bullock (Black Bull) @ Crispin
S O'Neill (Hingemakers Arms) v H Harrison (Brickmakers 'A') @ Hingemakers
J Thorn (Goose Green) v S Else (Triangle SC 'B') @ St Judes
C Charnley (Black Bull) v R Wells (Royal Oak) @ Black Bull
P Kinsley (Triangle SC 'B') v J Dawber (Railway) @ Railway
S Dawber (Triangle SC 'Z') v D Bellas (Triangle SC 'A') @ Triangle
L Briscoe (Triangle SC 'Z') v P Monks (Goose Green) @ Triangle
G Robinson (Caledonian) v G Hulse (Triangle SC 'B') @ Brickmakers

Individuals Second Round Draw (Wed 4th Feb):

N Bithell (Fox & Goose) v G Hill (Triangle SC 'A') @ Fox & Goose
I Davenport (Triangle SC 'Z') v S Prescott (Caledonian) @ Silverwell
T Owens (Douglas Bank 'A') v Z Harvey (Triangle SC 'A') @ Douglas Bank
A Smitham (Kirkless Hall) v D Binder (St Judes SC) @ Kirkless Hall
W Dutton (Triangle SC 'Z') v S Williams (Goose Green) @ Triangle Z
C Roughley (Triangle SC 'B') v I Parkes (Fox & Goose) @ Triangle B
J Ysart (Goose Green) v D Stock (Triangle SC 'Z') @ Goose Green
T Wood (Triangle SC 'B') v L Bridge (Black Bull) @ Black Bull
M Pennington (Triangle SC 'A') v T Flemming (Triangle SC 'A') @ Triangle A
G Moreton (Caledonian) v S Groves (Kirkless Hall) @ Caledonian
T Higham (Goose Green) v C Hatton (Hingemakers Arms) @ Hingemakers
Dan Parkinson (Railway) v L Sullivan (Goose Green) @ Railway
C Ryan (Triangle SC 'C') v N Shaw (Triangle SC 'B') @ Triangle C
D Dooley (Triangle SC 'B') v A Flemming (Fox & Goose) @ Fox & Goose
C Bromley (Triangle SC 'Z') v G Harrison (Triangle SC 'Z') @ Triangle
C Goodwin (Triangle SC 'C') v P Hunt (Triangle SC 'B') @ Triangle

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Written by Pedro | 19 December 2014

Pairs First Round Draw (Wed 14th January):

C Ryan & T Burke (Triangle SC 'C') v C McDoughner & N Kelly (Springfield 'A') @ Triangle C
L Roberts & G Robinson (Caledonian) v D Dooley & G Hulse (Triangle SC 'B') @ Caledonian
S Dean & A Flemming (Fox & Goose) v D Belshaw & G Seal (Brickmakers 'A') @ Fox & Goose
G Harrison & D Stock (Triangle SC 'Z') v B Melling & S Kelly (Springfield 'A') @ Triangle Z
J Dainty & D Mahoney (St Thomas's) v S Barlow & I Blair (Railway) @ St Thomas's
D Watson & L Sullivan (Goose Green) v C Goodwin & D Winnard (Triangle SC 'C') @ Goose Green
P Kinsley & T Wood (Triangle SC 'B') v B Walsh & I Parkes (Fox & Goose) @ Triangle B
D Phillips & C Coleman (Hare & Hounds) v M Lawrenson & G Gaskell (Triangle SC 'C') @ Hare & Hounds
P Leonard & C Hatton (Hingemakers Arms) v M Brown & A Sharrett (St Thomas's) @ Hingemakers
L Gollop & W Dutton (Triangle SC 'Z') v S Millea & S Bennett (Silverwell) @ Silverwell
P Clinton & A Clinton (St Judes SC) v D Finch & D Kuzio (St Judes SC) @ St Judes
D Burnside & C Hurley (Douglas Bank 'B') v W Dutson & A Mahoney (St Thomas's) @ Douglas Bank
G Hill & A Richardson (Triangle SC 'A') v S Prescott & D D'Souza (Caledonian) @ Triangle A
I Belshaw & A Rutter (Brickmakers 'A') v A Cooper & B Cooper (Springfield 'A') OR P Smith & T Flemming (Triangle SC 'A') @ Brickmakers
A Bibby & C Ronan (Kirkless Hall) v P Prescott & S Parry (Caledonian) @ Kirkless Hall
C Fairhurst & J Clossick (Crispin 'A') v J Atherton & D Bellas (Triangle SC 'A') @ Crispin

Pairs First Round Draw (Wed 21st January):

B Halford & P Lucas (Honeysuckle) v S Witkiewicz & R Harwood (Triangle SC 'A') @ Honeysuckle
R Wells & S Long (Royal Oak) v M Bullock & L Bridge (Black Bull) @ Royal Oak
M Heap & N Topping (Walmsleys) v I Sinclair & N Bithell (Fox & Goose) @ Walmsleys
Dan Parkinson & S Connolly (Railway) v T Higham & R Marshall (Goose Green) @ Railway
N Shaw & C Roughley (Triangle SC 'B') v M Case & D Brown (Springfield 'A') @ Springfield
I Waite & M Cowley (Honeysuckle) v T Caddick & D Moreton (Crispin 'A') @ Crispin
L Briscoe & I Davenport (Triangle SC 'Z') v M Braddock & B Braddock (Walmsleys) @ Triangle Z
A Shallicker & R Knight (Fox & Goose) v D Brogan & C Fryer (Douglas Bank 'A') @ Fox & Goose
A Smitham & M Brockley (Kirkless Hall) v A McCreery & K Gore (Hare & Hounds) @ Kirkless Hall
G Cahir & C Bromley (Triangle SC 'Z') v L Jones & M Singleton (Triangle SC 'A') @ Triangle A
C Isaacs & A Daly (Honeysuckle) v G Royds & S Dawber (Triangle SC 'Z') @ Honeysuckle
C Moody & S Else (Triangle SC 'B') v H Harrison & J Greenall (Brickmakers 'A') @ Triangle B
D Binder & A Hewitt (St Judes SC) v B Hunter & B Howarth (Silverwell) @ St Judes
D Flaherty & G Moreton (Caledonian) v M Goodwin & I Gordon (Triangle SC 'C') @ Caledonian
D Gauchwin & A Chorley (Triangle SC 'C') v R Canning & J Thorn (Goose Green) OR S Williams & J Ysart (Goose Green) @ Triangle C
C Charnley & D Melling (Black Bull) v C Lee & S O'Neill (Hingemakers Arms) @ Black Bull

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Written by Pedro | 28 November 2014

League One

Belle Vue have rejoined League One after briefly dropping out. All results against them will be reinstated and added to the league table.

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Written by Pedro | 06 December 2014

3 Man Team First Round Results:

Fox & Goose A (A Flemming, I Parkes, B Walsh & S Dean) w/o Springfield AA (B Melling, S Kelly, L Sollers & B Cooper)
Brickmakers AB (I Belshaw, J Greenall, H Harrison & A Rutter) beat Triangle AA (L Jones, A Richardson, D Bellas & P Smith)
Triangle AB (S Witkiewicz, R Harwood, G Hill & M Singleton) beat St Judes B (J Cross, M Binder, D Finch & B Taylor)
Caledonian A (D D'Souza, S Prescott, P Prescott & D Flaherty) beat Triangle BB (D Dooley, G Hulse, S Hemsley & P Kinsley)
Honeysuckle B (C Isaacs, M Cowley, A Daly & I Waite) beat Goose Green B (S Williams, J Ysart & R Marshall)
Goose Green A (R Canning, J Thorn, D Watson & L Sullivan) beat St Thomas's A (M Brown, J Demings, D Kearns & A Sharrett)
Caledonian B (G Moreton, L Roberts, G Robinson & S Parry) beat Railway B (S Barlow, I Blair, J Dawber & R Jones)
Hingemakers A (C Lee, S O'Neill, K Baron & C Ensor) beat Crispin B (T Caddick, D Moreton & C Fairhurst)
Triangle ZC
(L Briscoe, I Davenport, S Dawber & G Cahir) beat Triangle BA (C Moody, S Else & M Halliwell)

3 Man Team First Round Draw (Date/Result TBC):

Crispin A (J Clossick, I Elsden & A Jones) v Kirkless Hall B (A Smitham, M Brockley, S Groves & R Tabern) @ Crispin
Triangle BC (N Shaw, C Roughley, P Hunt & T Wood) v Black Bull A (A Astley, K Snape, R McDermott & D Kenyon) @ Triangle B
Kirkless Hall A (A Bibby, C Ronan, M Hodgkinson & N Greenhalgh) v St Judes A (D Binder, A Hewitt, P Clinton & D Kuzio) @ Kirkless Hall
Triangle ZA
(C Bromley, W Dutton & G Royds) v Black Bull B (C Charnley, D Melling, L Bridge & B Cooke) @ Triangle Z
Goose Green C
(T Higham, C Gregson, B Quinton & P Monks) v Springfield AB (M Case, D Brown, N Kelly & S Abbott) @ Goose Green
Hingemakers B (I Cross, C Hatton & P Leonard) v Triangle CB (M Lawrenson, I Gordon, T Burke & D Winnard) @ Hingemakers
Railway A (D Parkinson, A Parkinson, S Connolly & Dan Parkinson) v Hare & Hounds (C Coleman, D Phillips & A McCreery) @ Hare & Hounds

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Written by Pedro | 10 November 2014

Team KO First Round Results:

Triangle SC 'A' beat Springfield 'B'
Goose Green beat Bird Ith Hand
Triangle SC 'Z' beat Douglas Bank 'B'
Triangle SC 'B' beat Railway
Black Bull beat Ben Johnson
Hare & Hounds beat Silverwell
Fox & Goose beat Springfield 'A'
Triangle SC 'C'  beat St Judes SC
Newtown WMC beat Caledonian
St Thomas's beat Crispin 'A'
Walmsleys beat Douglas Bank 'A'
Earl of Balcarres beat Royal Oak
Hingemakers Arms beat Honeysuckle
Kirkless Hall beat Prince of Wales
Brickmakers 'A' beat Tippings

Whelley LC have a bye to the next round after Oak Tree dropped out of the league

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